Result-Oriented Watercolor Course

Become a Watercolor Artist in short time

Paint Objects In Any Topic

Dearannart course was made for you. All beginners and intermediates love this course. Paint 100+ paintings, commute with like-minded people and get help from the teacher anytime.

You'll Get

basic course

Get all knowledge about watercolor media

Explore supplies, all watercolor techniques, brush strokes, sketching and more.


Start painting different theme artworks

You will have over 10 modules in different themes like Animals, Leaves & Plants, Flower, Food, Desserts, Greeting Cards, Galaxy, Halloween, Christmas, Christmas Decorations, Landscapes and more.


HD video + PDF

Each lesson is recorded in HD quality and has subtitles. Also, you will have PDF step-by-step guideline to each lesson.


Teacher Support
& Facebook Community

Get instance access to a private Facebook community where you can meet like-minded people and ask a teacher any questions you'll have.

new modules

1 new module
each month

Each month you will receive new watercolor module. June's module: Landscapes.

Video About the Course


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$ 95
/ month
  • 1 Month Access
  • Basic Course
  • +11 Modules
  • +110 Guidelines
  • Certificates
  • Private Community
  • Teacher Support
  • New Module Every Month


$ 250
/ year
  • 1 Year Access
  • Basic Course
  • +11 Modules
  • +110 Guidelines
  • Certificates
  • Private Community
  • Teacher Support
  • New Module Every Month


$ 400
/ one time
  • Lifetime Access
  • Basic Course
  • +11 Modules
  • +110 Guidelines
  • Certificates
  • Private Community
  • Teacher Support
  • New Module Every Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Basic, Standard, VIP packages?

The Basic package offers a monthly subscription to all courses and updates. Acquiring Standard package you have access to all courses and updates for 1 year. With the VIP package, you have access to courses and updates for a lifetime.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use any credit card to pay for package.

What can I expect in terms of new modules releases?

Since launch, I have been known for frequent modules release, and plan to keep working hard to deliver new and promising modules almost every month.

What happens if I cancel subscription after one month or one year? Will I have access to courses?

If you cancel your Basic (monthly) or Standard (yearly) package the access to the course will be lost until you renew your subscription.

Can I upgrade a package after I have already purchased one?

Sure, you can upgrade your current package at any time. You only need to cover the difference.

Do you offer a FREE trial?

We don’t offer a free trial for Dearannart School Membership. However, we have a refund policy which lets you cancel your purchase and get a refund during the first 7 days. So you can try it for a week and then decide if you want to keep it or not.

What supplies to I need to get started?​

Only watercolor paints, paper and 2 brushes. However, I strongly advise you to finish Supplies section in Basic course where I explain about every material in depth and provide different supply lists based on my recommendations.

Can I ask Anna questions?

Definitely. You will be able to send Anna any message in Facebook Messenger or via email and she will respond within 24 hours.

To get answers to more questions contact me

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