gouache in 4 easy steps

An easy-to-follow gouache guide that takes you through simple step-by-step instructions to create your own beautiful paintings in no time.

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Download the Supply List for my Gouache in 4 Easy Steps book + 1 project!

Explore foundational patterns and strokes and follow the inspiring and beautifully illustrated tutorials to recreate gouache beautiful paintings in no time.

From colors to techniques, this goauche book covers the basics and will help you gain confidence to unleash your creativity.

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Bonus Videos: 3 lessons in Real-Time

Anna will show you how to paint 3 projects from the book: Fancy Pink Flamingo, Macaron Cookie, Wildflowers.

Bonus Videos: How-to videos

Anna will explain what gouache is, how to mix correct proportions and how to do the right swatching with gouache paint.

Supply list

You'll get a list of supplies that Anna suggests to use with the book.

Private Group Access

You will have an access to the book's group where you can share your journey with the book and ask author questions.

Let Me Tell You More About The Book…

Artist and founder of DearAnnArt Anna Koliadych presents a gorgeous step-by-step guide to painting your own beautiful gouache art in no time.

With this collection of easy-to-follow tutorials, you can gain confidence and unlock your creativity with gouache like never before.

peony gouache project from the book
sunset project from the book

Whether you’re new to gouache or have been practicing for years, these colorful designs are perfect for a relaxing afternoon alone or as an activity for the whole family.

The tutorials are ideal to spend a relaxing afternoon alone or have a fun painting night with your friends or family.

In each lesson, Anna explains efficient gouache techniques, such as sketching your design with basic shapes or adding fine details, so that you can create beautiful artwork in no time.

doughnut project from the book

What book includes

Step-By-Step Instructions

Follow easy instructions step-by-step to learn new techniques and recreate your own charming gouache artwork. The goauche book outlines all the necessary supplies and colors, so that you can be prepared to conquer the project.

Gorgeous Illustrations

Every page of the book is designed with gorgeous, hand-painted illustrations to complement each step of the process - from sketching your design, to finishing it off with small details and fine elements.

Efficient Techniques

In each tutorial, the book highlights efficient gouache techniques, so that you can create professional-looking artwork in a matter of minutes. Whether you are new to gouache or have previous experience, you will surely learn new useful skills.

Beautiful Projects

The gouache book includes 50 beautiful projects. It has something for everyone, from dreamy sunsets and elegant dragonflies to mouthwatering watermelon slices and charming parakeet.

About the book in 3 min

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Praise for Gouache in 4 Easy Steps

About Anna Koliadych

Anna Koliadych holding book gouache in 4 easy steps

ANNA KOLIADYCH is an illustrator, artist, and gouache enthusiast. In addition to sharing her knowledge through offline workshops all over the world, she has founded DearAnnArt, an online art school where she teaches step-by-step lessons and gouache techniques.

Anna is a firm believer that everyone can paint without obtaining a degree in Art. She is beyond excited to share her vision and creativity with the readers of “Gouache in 4 Easy Steps” in a way that appeals to the next generation of watercolor lovers, from beginners to experienced artists.


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gouache in 4 easy steps book cover

Publisher Page Street Publishing · Distributed by Macmillan

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