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Become a watercolor artist in a short time.

By completing this online course you'll know everything about watercolor painting and will paint 10 stunning watercolor paintings.

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Course includes

Basic Module

You will learn evertyhing about watercolor painting. This module covers topics like water balance, contrast, color mixing, color swatches, color chart, color wheel, warm and cool tones, brush strokes, watercolor techniques, sketching. As well as supplies like watercolor paper, paints, brushes, additional materials.

Practical Module

Paint 10 stunning watercolor artworks: Tulip Magnolia, Watermelon, Sunset Over Lake, Chocolate Cake, Penguins, Colorful Cactus, Breakfast, Wisteria in a Loose Style, Magical Galaxy and Robin on a Blooming Branch.

Lessons Built with mind

30 lessons

Basic Module 20 lessons and Practical 10 lessons.

38 Files

Notes, Exercises, Worksheets, Guidelines, Sketches, References

7 Hours

Learning Experience