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Excited to discover the world of watercolor painting? In this course, you will learn basic techniques and practical applications to learn how to paint with watercolor in no time!

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7 hours of learning experience at your own place and time.

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Final Artworks

10 beautiful frame-worthy watercolor paintings by the end of the course.

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Lifetime Access

Take your time to complete the watercolor class and come back any time, without a rush.

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Beginner or intermediate, this online watercolor course will take your skills to the next level.

What's the course's projects?

What you need

No prior knowledge is necessary. Materials include: watercolor paint, watercolor paper, some round brushes. The suggested supply list is provided in the course.

Who is it for?

Designers, illustrators, artists, and art enthusiasts in general who are interested in learning how to paint with watercolor from scratch, as well as those who want to improve their technique.

Immerse Yourself In The World Of Watercolor!

About the Course

Artist and illustrator Anna Koliadych takes you through 30 lessons of practical learning experience, completely transforming the way you view and create art. Learn and apply new skills, get immersed in the creative process, and leave the course with your own gorgeous watercolor paintings.
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Theory module

The first 20 lessons within the Theory Module are geared to help you learn everything about watercolor painting and basic techniques. This module covers topics like water balance, contrast, color mixing, color swatches, color chart, color wheel, warm and cool tones, brush strokes, watercolor techniques, and sketching.

Anna will also guide you through selecting necessary supplies, such as watercolor paper, paints, brushes, and additional materials.

Whether you are an experienced artist or are brand-new to watercolor, you will develop important skills that will set you up for success in the Practical Module.

practical module of watercolor class

practical module

The Practical Module includes 10 lessons devoted to creating stunning watercolor artworks: Tulip Magnolia, Watermelon, Sunset Over Lake, Chocolate Cake, Penguins, Colorful Cactus, Breakfast, Wisteria in a Loose Style, Magical Galaxy and Robin on a Blooming Branch.

This module includes something for everyone to unleash their creativity and create their own watercolor masterpiece.

Course Format

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30 Lessons

20 lessons in Basic Module and 10 lessons in Practical Module.

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HD Videos

All videos are recorded in 1080p and include subtitles.

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+38 Materials

Notes, Exercises, Worksheets, Guidelines, Sketches, References

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Teacher Support

Ask the teacher any questions you may have during the course.

Get Started with waterclor

Perfectly Organized Course

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Learn through step-by-step lessons

Learn how to paint with watercolor and advance your skills through in-depth video lessons and step-by-step practical projects. The course offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience designed for students of any level.

Play Video about watermelon painting overview
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Video Lessons

Pre-recorder high-quality lessons with subtitles from the teacher. Each video lesson has a navigation menu that will help you to switch between the topics easily without wasting time to find a particular topic in the video lesson.
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Additional Materials

Download Worksheets, Exercises, Practical Guidelines, Sketches, References, Notes and get back to them whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.
Materials provided in the dearannart watercolor class
quizzes and assignments in dearannart watercolor class
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Quizzes and Assignments

Take quizzes to consolidate theoretical knowledge. Submit your artworks to the teacher for review to successfully complete the class.
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Teacher Support

Write a message to the teacher whenever you have any questions, need advice, or just want to get feedback about your artwork.
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daearannart Watercolor certificate
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Upon completion of the watercolor course, you will receive a personalized certificate from Dearannart School.

Take your painting skills to the next level!

Unleash Your Creativity

During the course, Anna Koliadych will teach a complete set of painting skills and techniques necessary to create stunning watercolor art. This online watercolor class will help you to strengthen the existing skills and advance them further to truly transform the way you make art.

Introduction to Watercolor

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, strengthen the fundamentals of watercolor painting required to render stunning artworks. Follow Anna along to learn the specifics and characteristics of this trendy art medium and get inspired to practice your skills.

Water Balance

Anna explains the importance of water balance in watercolor painting and guides you through a simple exercise to understand how it works.

Color Contrast

You will learn what color contrast is and why it is important in visual art. Anna will go over different types of contrast, as well as various ways to achieve it.

Color Mixing & Color Theory

Anna covers the basic principles of color theory and shows how to apply it in watercolor painting. This knowledge will help you to feel more confident when creating your own artworks in the Practice Module or any future watercolor painting project.

Brush Strokes

Anna demonstrates and carefully explains various watercolor-specific brush stroke techniques. She covers different brush types and how they can be used to create unique patterns and effects.

Watercolor Techniques

Level up your watercolor skills with the most common techniques necessary to create stunning watercolor art. Anna explains and demonstrates dry- and wet-brush techniques, such as layering, blending, softening, and more.

Sketching and Workspace

Before taking out your watercolors, you will need to learn how to draw a preliminary sketch. Anna shares some sketching tricks and pieces of advice that she has gathered over the years as a professional artist.


Anna explains the supplies required for watercolor painting and what paints, brushes, paper, and additional materials you will need for this watercolor class to recreate your own paintings.

Painting 10 Watercolor Artworks

Anna demonstrates her entire painting process in real-time, explaining step-by-step how to bring life and form to your paintings by using the techniques you have learned in the course and adding highlights, shadows, and more.


Anna Koliadych

Anna Koliadych

Anna Koliadych is an artist and illustrator who specializes in colorful, bright, and imaginative work. She is a watercolor and gouache enthusiast and is happy to share her knowledge through offline workshops and her online school DearAnnArt.

Anna has built a devoted online following and inspired hundreds of thousands of artists around the world, proving that you don’t need to have an Art degree to create beautiful masterpieces. She is incredibly excited to share her passion with the students of the “Get Started with Watercolor” class in a way that appeals to watercolor lovers, whether it be beginners or experienced artists.

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