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Get Started with Gouache

Excited to get into a world of gouache painting? In this course, you will learn how to paint with gouache from A to Z.


1 month commitment

2 hrs/week for 1 month. Get immersed in the process.

final product

10 stunning paintings

Create colorful, shareable paintings by the end of the class.


lifetime access

Have access from any device, forever.

this class is for

all levels

Beginner or advance, this class will level you up.​

an immersive learning experience

Learn gouache in 30 days

Artist Anna Koliadych teaches you everything she knows in this course, transforming the way you make art. Immerse yourself in the creative process and leave the class with your own stunning gouache paintings and a new set of lifelong skills.

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part 1 - Understanding Gouache Medium

In this first part of the class, Anna Koliadych walks you through the fundamental skills of gouache painting. Anna explains how to use the right consistency, contrast, preparing color charts and proportions, how to apply brush strokes, and use gouache techniques.
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part 2 - Supplies for Gouache Painting

In this part, Anna shares her knowledge about supplies needed for gouache painting. You will exactly know what supplies will be used in the practicing module and will be provided with the supply list.
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part 3 - Painting 10 Gouache Artworks

In this part, Anna Koliadych walks through her entire end-to-end painting process in real-time, explaining each tip and technique in detail. You will put what you learn into practice and finish the class with 10 stunning artworks like sunflower, flower composition, tree, cheetah, bird, pie, butterfly, mountain sunset, teapot, and galaxies shine.

Transform the way you make art

Level up your painting skills

During this course, learn the full set of drawing and painting skills Anna Koliadych uses to create her gouache art. This class meets you where you are and pushes your skills further across the board.

Introduction to Gouache

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, learn Anna’s distinctive take on the fundamentals for bringing a painting to life. During class, Anna guides you through her full step-by-step process and all the techniques for rendering stunning gouache paintings.

Right Consistency

Anna explains and demonstrates what is the right consistency of gouache paint and why it’s important in gouache painting.

Color Contrast

You will learn what is the contrast, the types of contrast and how to achieve color contrast in few ways.

Color Mixing & Color Theory

Anna teaches the base principles of the color theory and how to use this knowledge in gouache painting. These will help you feel more confident while working on the practicing module or any other gouache painting project.

Gouache Mixing Specifics

The section is dedicated to specifics of the mixing gouache colors: mixing with white, proportions. You will learn how to get the right proportions for painting gouache artworks.

Brush Strokes

Anna demonstrates and explains in detail the various brush strokes you could practice and you will get a practicing sheet to practice with your brushes.

Gouache Techniques

Take your art to a whole new level by learning the gouache painting techniques that Anna uses regularly and has collected from years as a full-time professional artist.


Anna shows you the supplies you need for gouache painting and what brushes, paints, paper, additional materials are needed for this course to paint the artworks effectively.

get started with gouache

Painting 10 Gouache Artworks

Anna teaches you her complete painting process in real-time, showing you how to bring form and life to your paintings by adding shadows, highlights, using different techniques, and more. In addition, you will be provided with PDF step-by-step guidelines.

Perfectly structured course

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

Boost your skills through in-depth video lessons, projects. It’s a unique, brand new class and unforgettable learning experience designed to level you up.


Anna Koliadych

Anna Koliadych is an artist who specializes in bright, colorful, imaginative work. She’s painting art with watercolor and gouache mediums. Anna Koliadych has built a devoted online following, inspiring hundreds of thousands of artists with her work.

Ready to level up?

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$ 179

You're covered with a 7-day refund policy.

Still have questions? Here are answers

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren’t covered below, you can write u here.

This class is for all skill levels, whether you’ve always been interested in art, but never took the first steps, or if you’re a more experienced artist who wants to accelerate your growth and expand your skills.

The projects are designed so that you can practice and learn on the edge of your own personal abilities. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a 1 month creative learning experience, level up your painting skills, and finish the class with a stunning, 10 paintings that you can share with your friends and family, this class is for you.


The time commitment for the class is 2 hours per week for 1 month.

The class is designed to immerse you in the learning process, while still fitting into almost anyone’s busy schedule. Immerse yourself in the process and finish as a drastically better artist.

No, all the video lessons are pre-recorded, allowing you to watch them whenever is best for you.

You’ll get many of the benefits of learning in-person, but from the comfort of your own home and the flexibility of your own hours.

You will need materials for drawing and painting, like paper, pencils, brushes, paints, and a canvas or wood panel to paint on. Once you enroll in the class, you’ll see a comprehensive list of all the materials (including Anna Koliadych’s preferred options) and links to where you can buy everything.

The materials will cost around $50 for the budget options and around $100 for Anna Koliadych’s favorites.

The materials will cost around $50 for the budget options and around $100 for Anna Koliadych’s favorites.

Anna Koliadych will be answering questions, giving feedback, and posting video responses in the Facebook Group.

Yes, once you finish the course, you’ll have lifetime access to the video lessons and printable materials. You’ll be able to use the class as a resource for the rest of your artistic career.

Yes, the class is taught completely online, allowing you to take it from anywhere.

You’ll get all the benefits of learning in an art studio, but from the comfort of your own home.

To make this class as accessible as possible, this class is priced at $179. You’ll also need to purchase some art materials, if you don’t already have them, for around $50-$100. This is a commitment you are making to yourself.

Yes. If for any reason you don’t want to take the class anymore, get 100% of your money back if you request it within the first 7 days of the course. You can at [email protected] and the refund will be processed within 24hr.

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