Painting with leftovers 🎨

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Hey friends,

I hope you all have had a lovely week and are ready for this amazing weekend.

This week I haven’t painted much. But when I do have some free time, I often use leftover paint from my palettes to paint some quick sketches with gouache and watercolor. Today, I decided to talk with you about painting with leftovers.

I literally love to paint using leftovers. Here are some advantages I see:

  • You don’t need to clean the palettes
  • You save paint and money, a little but still
  • You don’t need to spend time for color mixing
  • You limit the colors you use and sometimes in this way you can get an unexpectedly amazing result with an unusual color scheme. Of course, you can use some extra paint in the process if needed. For instance, when I paint with gouache I often add white to the palette.
palette leftover

🎨 Art inspiration

🧑 Waterolor

I’ve painted these cute pumpkins using the leftovers from few palettes and they turned out amazing. Aren’t they?
pumpkins watercolor painting
leftovers palette
A quick landscape watercolor painting was painted with a few leftover colors.
landscape watercolor painting dearannart
leftovers palette landscape painting

πŸ’œ Gouache

Also, these gouache paintings were painted with leftovers.

🏞️ Gouache Tutorial

Based on the principle painting with leftovers I encourage you to try this quick tutorial using gouache. Take your leftovers, spray some water on the palette and let’s go 😊.


Choose a base color. In my case, it’s green. Paint the first layer of the leaves. Let it dry.


Add mid-tones. I used a tint of blue and a tint of green. I recommend you to use any shades of green or blue you have with a bit of white. Once again let the layer dry.


Add the details. For this use any pastel tints you have. I used tint of pink and tint of yellow. Allow the layer to dry.


In the final stage, we need to add shadow. For this use a dark shade of your base color. In my case, it’s a blue-green. Using dark paint, emphasize the highlights you add in the previous step. Also, you can correct a little the shapes of the leaves.

That’s it πŸƒ.

Using the same principles I’ve painted more leaves and here is the final piece.

I hope you enjoy painting with me. If you try this tutorial, please tag me on Instagram and use this hashtag #dearannart_newsletter. I would love to have a look at your work.

🌈 Color Palette

My colors for this week are mostly blues and greens. I think I already miss the summer 🌞.
color palette watercolor

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