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Happy Firday Inspiration,

I hope you all have had a lovely week and to kick start this wonderful weekend, I’d like to begin by bringing up an interesting topic – Food Illustration!

If you’ve been following me for a while then you might already know that I love painting food. I often say that it’s one of the themes I enjoy painting most. Why? Let’s look at some of the points:

πŸ‡ It’s easy to find some food at home that you can use as a reference
πŸ‰ It doesn’t require too much time
🍊 It’s easy to illustrate food and make it recognizable if compare to landscapes or animals
🍌 Painting food is colorful and fun
🍍 You can use any medium or you can mix them up
πŸ₯¦ And finally, I just love food illustration. This type of illustration touches my heart and if I want to paint for myself most probably I’ll choose painting food πŸ™‚

🎨 Art inspiration

🧑 Waterolor

Plums season means sketching some quick colorful yummy plums babes. It’s turned in a sweet and vivid pattern. I especially love how colors blended here.
Here is a cute set of veggies and fruits that I’ve created in a very fun style. I tried to keep it simple and it looks pretty charming. Isn’t?
Juicy and sunny pears. It’s also turned into a charming pattern and the leaves complete the whole composition.

πŸ’œ Gouache Inspiration

This week I took my gouache off the shelf and I couldn’t resist painting something with it. Oh, you can’t imagine how I missed gouache…

Here are the oranges on a pretty purple background. The style of this painting is bold and even cartoonish. It totally represents my personality.

πŸ‹ Gouache Tutorial

In the same style, I encourage you to paint with me lemons using gouache. Oh, it looks like it gonna be a series of fruits painting on pastel backgrounds 😊. Btw you can paint this piece using acrylic paint.

I recommend these paints for the project:

  • White (Zinc white or any other you have)
  • Yellow ochre
  • Cool tint of yellow (Primary yellow)
  • Blue (Primary blue)
  • Green (Permanent green)
πŸ’‘ Note: In the following guide, I will let you know how to mix these colors to get the tints you will need.

Step 1

I use a glued block of paper. If you paint on a piece of paper then I recommend securing it with masking tape.

Paint the background with a pastel tint of blue. To get this tint mix white with blue. Let the first coat dry and jump to Step 2.

Step 2

Time to paint lemons… To paint these shapes use two tints:

  • Tint 1: Mix yellow ochre with yellow
  • Tint 2: Mix yellow with a bit of white

You can paint lemons in two ways:

1. Different lemons in different tints
2. Paint each lemon shape with both tints

Allow the layer to dry.

Step 3

Add leaves to the piece. For this use two tints:

  • Tint 3: Mix blue with green
  • Tint 4: Mix yellow with yellow ochre and a bit green (you should get a kind of sap green)


Now paint green branches that connect the lemons with Tint 4 and combine the elements of the composition. Let the painting completely dry.

Step 4

Finally, we can add the details. In this stage, you can add your own details and make your painting unique!

In my work, you can see the veins and some touches on the leaves using pastel green (mix white with a bit green), pastel yellow-green (white plus yellow and a bit green) and pastel yellow.

For the lemons, I used highlights with a pastel yellow tint (white with a bit of yellow) and some fine details in yellow ochre.

The painting is done! I hope you enjoy painting with me and it’s brighten up your weekend

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πŸ–οΈ Fav Art Material

My favs brushes I use for painting with gouache is this series of brushes Velvetouch from Princeton Brushes. These brushes are my big love. They are unreal and a good investment.

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