🍁 Fall Mood

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Hey there,

This week was busy for me. My 9-month old baby is getting ready to take his first steps, so I have to keep an eye on him all the time. It’s difficult to find some time to sit in my cozy studio and enjoy painting. Occasionally, I still find time to paint, when Leo naps or someone from relatives come over to babysit him.

The biggest insight that I’ve got during this week is don’t miss any opportunity to do what you love doing. It doesn’t matter how much time I have 15, 30min or an hour.

How do I get inspiration? or What inspire me? The answer is the things around me: at home, when I walk with my baby, fall treasures, food and my loved ones. Also, it’s helpful to be in touch with my friends through my stories and share my daily inspo there.

🎨 Art inspiration

🧑 Waterolor

This week my heart is with watercolor painting and I’ve painted a fall mushrooms pattern inspired by my walk in the forest.

Chestnuts. I’ve never illustrated these 🌰s before. But I just fell in love with them this fall and wanted to paint them with watercolor.
chestnuts and leaves watercolor painting

🏞️ Watercolor Tutorial

I’ve created a quick tutorial on how to paint a chestnut for you. Click on the image to see this tutorial on Instagram.

🎨 Watercolor Technique

As Bob Ross said, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”. And it’s 100% true. When I was painting chestnuts I accidentally added a drop of water onto one and it’s made such a lovely effect which I really like. This is technique is known as “Water droplets“.

To achieve this effect add a drop or few drops of water to the still-wet layer by gently touching your brush to the paper. The drops will make β€œstains”, enhancing the effect of blending paint with water.

chestnut water droplets technique

πŸ–οΈ Fav Art Material

This week, I so enjoyed painting with watercolor on this paper – W&N professional Watercolor Block, Cold Press. Absolutely fab pro paper – highly recommend it.
winsor and newton watercolor paper

🌈 Color Palette

During this week I’m painting with most of all shades of brown, pure ocher and mix it in other shades, greens, and oranges tints …

color palette this week

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