Challenge “Love Gouache”

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Challenge Alert❗🎨🥳 I’m pleased to announce the start of the new challenge “Love Gouache” Yay! The main purpose of this challenge is to introduce to you the gouache painting. I just wanna show you how magical gouache is and how fun to paint with it ❤️

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14 Mar 2021


21 Mar 2021

Prize draw

23 Mar 2021


22 Mar 2021


  • Paint the same 4 objects with gouache (color & style can be different)
  • Post your paintings (not video) – Use the hashtag #dearannart_lovegouache under each post
  • Support other participants 🙏🏻🥰😉
  • Let your friends know about this challenge🙂

Prizes & Winners

gouache in 4 easy steps


Signed Book "Gouache in 4 Easy Steps"


Access Online Course "Get Started with Gouache"


Princeton Velvetouch, Series 3950, Set of 4


Ceramic Brush Holder @Emotion

Winners were announced on 23 March 2021 via Instagram Stories @dearannart. Here is the list of the winners:

Signed Book “Gouache in 4 Easy Steps”

Online Course “Get Started with Gouache”

Princeton Velvetouch Series, Set of 4

Ceramic Brush Holder @EmotionCeramics


Day 1 - Green Leaf

Day 2 - Juicy Strawberry

Day 3 - Full Moon Landscape

Day 4 - Soft Pink Little Flowers

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